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Translation Services

“we understand the importance of quality translation. Our experts make sure you get to the very bottom of things without languages acting as barriers. The idea is to convey the sense that the message carries. Each and every bit of our efforts is to ensure that not even the slightest bit of sense gets lost in the process. That is exactly what makes us so different from others and allows us to carve a completely separate place in this highly competitive world.”

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe


IMPROVE LINKS WITH CURRENT CLIENTS THROUGH TRANSLATION, AND USE IT TO GENERATE NEW BUSINESSAt EFLI, we firmly believe that translation has specific business benefits for clients that go way beyond simply allowing two people to communicate who do not share a mutual language. That is why we offer a dedicated translation service for SMEs to help them integrate international thinking into their marketing and exporting strategies. Talk to us to find out more.


The manufacturing industry and SME sector in the INDIA is being urged by the Government to grow its way out of the recession. Whilst this is a positive message, it doesn’t offer any advice for how to go about it. Many companies are just grateful to cling on to the business that they already have, and ride out the recession with their client book intact.

But should you be striving to win new business? Winning new clients isn’t easy and can be a time-consuming process, but this isn’t the only way to gain new business. Looking at ways to improve links with current clients is another option that could lead to additional sales opportunities and open up new markets to you.


Unlike in many other European countries, the concept of a certified translation is much less rigidly defined in the INDIA. There is no such thing as a court-approved, sworn, official or licensed translator in this country. In fact, the translation profession is about as regulated as the estate agent market, which is one of the reasons you need to be wary of unqualified translators or agencies.
What type of certified translation is required depends very much on the requirements of the person who is requesting the translation be certified, but the most common is a Certificate of Translation.


A certificate of translation, which is sometimes also referred to as a certificate of accuracy or, simply, a translator’s certificate, is the most common form of certification required – particularly when a translation is to be used in the INDIA, e.g. translations of birth, marriage or death certificates for immigration and visa purposes.
In its translator’s certificate, EFLI will give details of the linguist who produced the translation, their competency in the languages concerned and information about their professional credentials . Furthermore, EFLI can, if required, also include a paragraph about the accuracy and faithfulness of the translation. EFLI often produces certificates of translation to accompany translations for throughout INDIA and other official bodies, such as Companies House and the courts of India.


Other types of certified translation can be required by government departments, courts or overseas officials. You are always best checking what precisely is required, but the information below provides some guidance on the different types of certification available:


A notarised translation involves a notary public certifying EFLI’s capacity to produce the translation. Notarised translations are often requested by continental European countries, where the notary plays an important role in personal and commercial legal transactions.
EFLI has an excellent working relationship with a leading firm of notaries in the City of VADODARA, and can produce a notarised translation quickly and cost-effectively.
Contact us now to get a quote for a notarised translation from a notary public.


At EFLI, we pride ourselves on producing natural sounding translations that stay true to their roots.
To achieve this, we have our own, unique quality assurance process that checks your translation at every stage.