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Study in New zealand

Study in New Zealand

Combining the benefits of a developed country with the charm of a quiet and peaceful countryside, New Zealand offers some distinct advantages over other countries as a destination for education. An important one of which is the affordability – getting a degree in NZ actually works out to be cheaper than many courses in India. Another significant advantage is the welcoming nature of the New Zealanders and the relative ease in getting there : NZ has recently opened its doors to students from South East Asia. Getting yourself an education in New Zealand can change your life forever – this site tells you how you can do it.

Have a great education in New Zealand

Globally recognized degree and students earn a reputation as an innovative thinkers and are addressed as “The New World Class” On completion of course students could be eligible for 6 months work permit. Based on point system eligible students could apply of PR in New Zealand. Its best among the most sought for designation in comparison to cost of study & living viz. a viz. USA, U.K., Canada, Australia or Europe. Institutions and courses accredited by the NZ Qualification Authority (NZQA : It is responsible for approving and registering all courses and national qualifications offered at Universities, polytechnics / Institute of Technologies and private training establishments). The Ministry of Education operates a Code of Practice that provides a framework for looking after international students. It covers pastoral care, accommodation and provision of information.



It is responsible for all diplomas, undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by New Zealand Institutions.

The top five programs
  • Hospitality
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Computing & IT
  • Engineering
  • Arts

Visa Information

If you are not already in New Zealand and are applying to New Zealand to study, you must complete the requirements for the issue of a student visa.

You will be given the required forms by the New Zealand Government office (the visa issuing officer) in your country. Requirements for a student visa will normally include:

  • VERY IMPORTANT:A written offer of a place, which notifies you that you have been accepted by an educational institution in New Zealand to study there.
  • EITHER: A receipt for payment of course fees (You are not required to produce the receipt before your application has been approved in principle) OR – Evidence that you are exempt from course fees. For e.g. A New Zealand Government Scholarship.
  • A complete and signed ‘Application for Student Visa’ form, with a passport-size photograph. You will be required to pay a non-refundable student visa application fee.
  • A guarantee of accommodation – a written assurance from an educational institution or other person that suitable residential accommodation is available to you in New Zealand.
  • Your passport or certificate of identity, which must be valid for the period of time for which you are applying to study.
  • Evidence that funds are available for your maintenance throughout your stay.

One of the four is acceptable as evidence :

  • A completed ‘Sponsoring a student’ form, in which your sponsor gives a financial undertaking that he or she can transfer to New Zealand NZ $7,000 a year : this amount is considered minimum for a year’s living expenses.
  • A letter from your educational institution confirming that your living expenses have already been paid for as part of your fees.
  • A bank document showing that funds of the required amount will be available to you in New Zealand ($1000 for each month of your stay for short term study, $7000 a year for long term study)
  • An award of a full New Zealand scholarship

If you intend studying in New Zealand for more than 24 months, you will need:

  • Completed New Zealand Immigration service medical and chest X-ray certificates
  • Character clearances, which must be two original character references (if under 17 years of age), or a local police clearance (if you are 17 and over). You will be advised of the procedure for obtaining these by the New Zealand government office.

All these documents are essential before a student visa is issued. When the overseas New Zealand government office is satisfied that your application is complete and in order, you will be issued a student visa. 
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