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Study in CANADA

You are assured a high standard of education

The education offered by the universities in Canada is equally excellent and the certificates and diplomas offered by the Canadian universities are recognized all around the world. It is a multicultural country, which has become home for the people of almost every ethnic group in the world.

Study at the finest universities in Canada

The universities here are known to provide education of utmost quality and as an international student, you will enjoy the same freedom which is provided to the Canadian citizens. The quality of education and the standard of living offered by the Canada very high, but tuition fees and the cost of living is much lower here as compared to other developed countries such as the USA and the UK. Thus, this gives an edge to the Canadian Universities when it comes to provide quality education to the international student.

Study in your dream institution in Canada

Canada has been a preferred choice for education among students from all over the world. Different colleges and institutions in Canada have different admission criteria and therefore the students are advised to start the process of admission well ahead in advance so that your admission is not delayed.

Have a great education in CANADA

Canada carries a pride to be one of the international leaders in computers and information technologies and is famous all around the globe for excellence in various sectors such as engineering, natural resources and telecommunications.

Frequently asked questions

Once you have chosen the course and the college of your choice, you must check for your eligibility and then apply in the college. The student must have the student authorization or the student visa issued before leaving for Canada.

The eligibility of the undergraduate programme changes from province to province in Canada. Most of the Canadian Universities require 12 years of secondary education, however, few of them may require 13 years of formal education. The documents require for the application are secondary and higher secondary certificates, English language proficiency test score, letter of recommendation and statement of purpose.

For most of the colleges and universities, 70% marks in 12th grade, 580-600 marks (paper based) or 237-250 marks (computer based) in TOEFL exam and not less than 5.5 in each band of IELTS exam. You must also submit your portfolio of any of your creative work if you have any. Maths is compulsory in the 12th Grade except if you are taking up fine arts.

For the Graduate courses, the documents that are required are academic records, English Language Tests and others. The eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled are 70% marks in 4 years Bachelor degree course, minimum 2-3 years of work experience and a minimum of 1200-1500 score in the GMAT. You also need to clear TOEFL paper with equal number of marks as required atUndergraduate level.

You will also require Letters of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose from the head of your organisation or the company. Apart from 16 years of formal education, the candidate must also have a master’s degree if he or she wants to take admission in Doctorate programme.

After you have applied for the course and have received an acceptance letter, you need to apply for the student visa at the Canadian embassy which may take around 2 months for processing.

For obtaining a student Visa, you need to submit documents and finished applications to the Canadian Embassy and High commission. The documents that you need to furnish are application forms, completed questionnaire, letter of acceptance, valid passport, TOEFL score, proof of funds and the bank draft for Visa Fees.

After your Visa application is accepted, you may be called by the Immigration officer along with the completed application form and the documents. You may also be asked for medical examination and the relevant reports.

Note: The students must make note of the fact that certain degrees like CA, ICWA and diploma certificates may not be valid degrees for taking admission in Canadian Institutes. Any similar courses by any private institutions are most likely to be not entertained in the admission process in any of the Canadian institute.